What is Help Me Help You?

It is an app that connects you with friends and family when you need help or when they need help. It is free and currently available for iPhone and Android.

How does it work?

Once you have the app and ask friends and family to get it too, you can create tasks and invite people to help you with those tasks. It can be a one off, like "I’m stuck at home and need milk" which you send to all of your network or maybe just your neighbours. Or it can be a task like "Jenny broke her leg, let’s her help out" with a list of items required like "dinners, babysitting, a lift to work " and each friend can check off the items they can help with. A status bar has been included to assist information sharing for example “Ben out of surgery, it went well but not ready for visitors yet”.

How is it different to an email?

The app negates the need for long, arduous email scrolls with multiple replies when coordinating a group. You can set a reminder within the app to alert you of tasks you have promised to undertake. The app also means that no one person is left with the role of co-ordinating the help. There is no need to make up rosters, or continually update who is doing what.

How is it different to a text message?

You can alert a large group of people at one time, for no charge. By posting the item on Help Me Help You it's an invitation to offer help not a direct request, which people can feel awkward about. When friends accept items or tasks there can be no doubling up as the status of each task and item is updated for everyone to see.

Who created Help Me Help You?

Emma Race, a Melbourne mother of three. Prior to staying home to raise her family, she worked as a talent manager. Despite creating an app, she is not that technologically gifted, is in fact terrified of updating her phone's iOS. Through the course of creating Help Me Help You she had baby number three. Some would say she created it just in time to ask, “Can someone bring me a coffee?”

Who developed Help Me Help You?

Local developers Shane Korin & Mic Archbold from digital development company distriqt (http://distriqt.com) brought the user interface to life. So committed to the concept of Help Me Help You, distriqt signed on to becoming a partner in Help Me Help You Pty Ltd. distriqt have previously created apps and websites for SBS, ABC and Open House Melbourne