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Emma Race

Creator / Founder

I’m Emma Race, a Melbourne mother of three girls (under the age of 4.5). Prior to staying home to raise our family, I worked as a talent manager and in various media roles. Despite creating an app, I am not that technologically gifted. In fact, I am terrified every time I have to update my phone's iOS. I engaged the services of some incredibly talented and helpful friends who lowered their rates but not their professionalism to make Help Me Help You. Through the course of creating Help Me Help You I had baby number three. Some would say I've created it just in time to ask, “Can someone bring me a coffee?”

The app was inspired by several sources.

I saw an interview with singer/actress/goddess Clare Bowditch about how friends rallied around her with meals when she was incapacitated with a bad back. In the interview Clare said "it's hard to ask for help, but I've had to." Then she added "I love helping other people". The interview made me think that I wasn't alone in my desire for an easy way to set up a help exchange among friends.

Meanwhile, I was pregnant with my third baby in four years. Friends often said, “Let me know if I can help”. They meant it, just like I do when I say it. I rarely take people up on their offer but would love to help others out. I wished there was a way to make it easier to give and get help.

At the same time, a huge group of friends were rallying around a young mum of four who was blindsided by a near fatal illness. There were offers of help with meals, cleaning, babysitting, washing and at the end of the offers there was one person trying to coordinate it all with rosters and emails for several months. This circumstance made me think that an app that managed the logistics of helping was long overdue.